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Pilgrims of Christ on the Muslim Road, Paul-Gordon Chandler
Songs in Waiting, Paul-Gordon Chandler
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In Search of a Prophet

A Spiritual Journey with Kahlil Gibran

In Search of a Prophet is a fascinating journey through the spiritual life of Kahlil Gibran, author of the bestselling book The Prophet. Capturing our imaginations and enriching our spirits, Paul G. Chandler explores this beloved writer and artist, a mystic who sought to build bridges and tear down walls.


In Search of a Prophet is not a traditional biography, but a compelling spiritual journey through Gibran’s writings, art, and the places he lived. From his birthplace village high in the snowy mountains of Lebanon, Chandler leads us through his emigration to Boston, art training in Paris, career in New York, and to the far reaching places of influence his writings and art have traveled, from Cairo to Mexico City.


Delving into passages of some of Gibran’s writings—both famous and lesser-known—Chandler breathes life into this captivating poet artist who moved beyond religion to the core of universal spirituality and was a unique blend of East and West. His voice is timeless, appealing to heart and mind, faith and reason, a guiding spirit for our times.

Pilgrims of Christ on The Muslim Road

Exploring a New Path between Two Faiths

Today's tensions between the "Islamic" East and "Christian" West run high. Here Paul G. Chandler presents fresh thinking in the area of Christian-Muslim relations, showing how Jesus - whom Islam reveres as a prophet and Christianity serves as Lord - can close the gap between the two religions. Historically, Christians have often taken a confrontational approach toward Islam, leading many Muslims to identify the Christian faith with the cultural prejudices and hegemonic ambitions of Westerners. Chandler boldly explores how these two major religions--which share much common heritage--cannot only co-exist, but also enrich each other.  He illustrates his perspective with examples from the life of Syrian novelist Mazhar Mallouhi, widely read in the Middle East. Mallouhi, a self-identified "Sufi Muslim follower of Christ," seeks to bridge the chasm of misunderstanding between Muslims and Christians through his life and writings.

Songs in Waiting

Spiritual Reflections on Christ's Birth 

A Celebration of Middle Eastern Canticles 

Inspiring reflection and a sense of wonder along the faith journey toward celebrating Christ’s birth, Paul G. Chandler’s Songs in Waiting is a book of spiritual meditations for the Advent season on the ancient Middle Eastern songs sung around the birth of Jesus: the Song of Mary – traditionally called “The Magnificat,” the Song of Zechariah, “The Benedictus,” the Song of the Angels to the Shepherds, “The Gloria,” and the Song of Simeon, “The Nunc Dimittis.” 


These four songs, full of hope and mystery have played an important role in Christian worship within the last two millennia, inspiring the work of artists and musicians over the centuries. Capturing the essence of these songs, the inspirational paintings of well-known artist Daniel Bonnell are beautifully woven throughout. Grounded in the original context of their Middle Eastern cultural settings, Songs in Waiting draws from the arts, visual and literary, breathing new life into the scenes surrounding these Biblical songs and Christ’s coming anew celebrated during the Advent season.

“This very moving little book shows God’s involvement with the Middle East and with us all as we try to make the gift of Jesus real for ourselves and our human neighbors today.”

— Dr. Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury

Songs in Waiting
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